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Ok, So How Does TaxTim Work?

It's quite easy actually!

Register for a TaxTim account

Tell me a bit about your taxes and I'll show which TaxTim package and price suits your needs best.

Have a chat with me online

We'll complete your tax return correctly, adding up the numbers and checking every page for complete accuracy.

Print your return for Inland Revenue

I'll fill in your tax return instantly. You just need to print it, add supporting docs and take to Inland Revenue.

Why Should I Use TaxTim to Do My Personal or Company Tax Return?

Great Question!

File With Confidence

I'll make sure your SARS tax return is completed fully and correctly, so you can file with confidence. On time. Every time.

Make Tax Easy

Answer simple questions written in plain English (no tough tax terms). I'll tell you what you need and where to find it.

Maximum Accuracy

I'll do all the calculations for you. We've got the latest tax tables built in, so you can rest easy knowing there are no mistakes.

Tax Experts on Hand

TaxTim is maintained by registered tax practitioners, who can help you with those slightly more complicated tax questions.

Your Information is Secure

I'm super strict on security. Your personal data is kept secure via 256-bit SSL at all times. Absolutely no compromise.

Complete Your Tax Return Fast

Most people finish their tax returns on TaxTim in 20 minutes or less. But fast doesn't mean rushing - I'm thorough too.

What Does TaxTim Cost?

It Depends on the Level of Help You Need


For individuals with a basic salary, no other income or any allowances & pensioners earning no extra income.

For employees with salary structures and allowances. Also other income (rental or investments).

For complex income structures, or if you run a business in your own name / farm.
Step-by-step help with completing your tax return
Step-by-step help
  Tax helpdesk available for all questions
Ask our tax helpdesk anything
  Instant submission-ready tax return form
Tax return produced instantly
  Sections on tax return
Sections on tax return 6 sections 19 sections 24 sections


Whether you only receive a basic salary with no medical aid or retirement fund or have a complicated tax return with multiple incomes & investments we have the package for you!

TaxTim will ask you easy to understand questions, in plain English (no tax knowledge required!) and convert your answers into a fully completed tax return, ready for submission to SARS, all in under 20 minutes!

  • Save on expensive tax accountant fees
  • Do it yourself with step-by-step help
  • Free vehicle logbook app

Who's on the TaxTim team?

Our PwC experts manage TaxTim Namibia

Johan Nel
Tax Partner
PwC Windhoek

Bianca Cooper
Employee Tax Manager
PwC Windhoek

Stacy Hess
TaxTim Consultant
PwC Windhoek