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Amendments on Forms

Posted 9 June 2016

Where can we do amendments on our Form?

Changes on Form

Posted 9 June 2016

My income for the tax year 2015 changed since I submitted the return - what should I do now?

What would cause me to owe the Receiver of Revenue?

Posted 9 June 2016

What would Cause me to owe the Receiver of Revenue?

Deadline for tax returns

Posted 9 June 2016

When is tax season closing?

Can I submit my return here?

Posted 9 June 2016

Can I submit the return here


Posted 9 June 2016

How much tax will I pay?

Housing allowance application on IRP5

Posted 8 June 2016

Should the 1/3rd non-taxable housing allowance be included in Salaries & Wages on the IRP5?

Where do I add the study policy on the TaxTim questionare

Posted 7 June 2016

I am filing my tax return but can not find anywhere to add my son's study policy. Please let me know how I can do that.

Why is my dependants name not appearing on the form?

Posted 7 June 2016

Filled in all my defendants but nothing appear on the form

Blue form request

Posted 7 June 2016

i would like to request for a blue form

Can I register as an employer and how much is the payment , monthly or onee off?

Posted 6 June 2016

We just registered a Close Corportation

And I really do like your site and would like to open an account with pwc to have aces to do the tax returns of the cc and that as well of the members and myself

Confuse dont know what to submit?

Posted 5 June 2016

Dear Tim I have 2 full time jobs,and I have been placed in a category thus both work places deduct too little. I had to pay in quite alot of money due in the category in which I fall. My question one of the jobs is a contract which gets renewed every 4 years after which I get a gratuity as I dont have a pension fund. With the renewal of my current contract which was in 2014 I had to work part time for a couple of months due to certain signatures as iam a foreigner. Does the revenue still charge you although you are not full time employed for that couple of months? Every time when I go to enquire iam being sent back & forth with no clear answer...

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Tax return as a South African that worked in Namibia during 2014 for 11 months

Posted 2 June 2016

I worked in Windhoek, Namibia for the year of 2014. I started on the 14th January and left the country on the 28th November 2014. I have never done a tax return during my stay there. How can I go about doing my tax from South Africa now?

Annuity received during the year, is it an exempt income?

Posted 31 May 2016

Is the annuity received as an income also part of tax deduction. E. G 1500x12=18000 annuity paid during the year. Must I also include it as a deduction or is it an exempt income?

Printing of forms

Posted 29 May 2016

I filled in all my info from TaxTim's questions. I do not see a link to print the forms.

What is included in the erection cost of a building?

Posted 11 May 2016

Out of a tax point of view, what is the definition / what is included in "erection cost" of a building and does the accounting standard regarding borrowing cost also apply?

Change of employment in tax year, one form to be submitted or two?

Posted 9 May 2016

What happens if I change employment in one tax period? Do I add the totals and put those amounts in my tax return or do I submit two tax returns for the same tax year?

Interest income declarations from personal investments.

Posted 27 April 2016

On the tax return, where would I declare any other income earned during the tax year from personal savings or investments?

Difference between vehicle running expense allowance or vehicle purchase allowance?

Posted 26 April 2016

What is the difference between vehicle running expense allowance or vehicle purchase allowance?

Home improvements

Posted 14 April 2016

Can new home improvements be deducted from tax?

Vehicle recoupment

Posted 13 April 2016


Can TaxTim calculate a vehicle recoupment? I. E. I sold my car in the F16 year, then bought a new one. And does taxtim calculate everything for me just to print out the form?

No tax number

Posted 8 April 2016

I paid tax since 2009 but never had a tax number or any returns how does it work?

Tax deductable from pension

Posted 6 April 2016

My pension payout is expected when I resign, how much tax will be deducted?

Submit my tax return form

Posted 30 March 2016

Why cant you submit my tax return form?

Ring fencing

Posted 14 March 2016

Hi Tim

I have the following questions on ring fencing:

If earn less N$200 000 a year can I deduct my losses from the following trade from my employment income:

- Rental losses
- Taxi losses
- Farming losses
- Shebeen losses

If I earn more than N$200 000 can I deduct the losses from the above mentioned trades in the first two years?
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