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I receive message through the phone that im going that im to receive my tax refund

Posted 14 March 2016

Dear Sir/madam I received the message through phone that I'm going to receive my tax refund but till didn't receive anything for how long should I wait?

Methods to pay Normal income tax

Posted 2 March 2016

What are the different ways to pay Norman Income tax

How is your respond take?

Posted 1 March 2016

How long does it take to get my tax refunds?

2017 tax tables

Posted 26 February 2016

Is there any tax updates for Namibia tax for 2017 tax period?

Do I pay tax if I was once employed, but no longer?

Posted 26 February 2016

If I wasn't formally employed for a few years, am I still supposed to pay tax?

If an individual tax payer is registered for provisional tax, when is they final income tax payment

Posted 24 February 2016

If an Namibian individual tax payer with a February year, is registered for provisional tax, when is they final income tax payment due?

Estimation of provisional return

Posted 22 February 2016

How to estimate and complete a provisional return for a close coperation?


Posted 19 February 2016

Good day,

How is late payments on Provisional tax and VAT calculated please?

New Tax bill 2016

Posted 12 February 2016

A friend of mine was asking me about the new tax amendments regarding the definition of "Namibia" ( which is now extended to 200 nautical miles and not 12). He is a Spanish captain fishing in Namibia working approximately 5 months per year in Namibia and not necessarily continuously. What are his tax liabilities seeing that he is a non-resident?
When does the actual law come into force?
When do they start paying tax?

Tax on an open ervan

Posted 8 February 2016

Can I deduct capital allowance from an open ervan, and deduck 20% on first year and 4% for the coming years?

Do I still need to fill in tax forms even if my company fid not make any money?

Posted 12 January 2016

Hi. If my company did not do any work meaning (No money came in) do I still need to fill in provisional tax forms?

Offset of tax losses if CC has different trades/operation

Posted 9 January 2016

I have CC in which three different "trades" are recorded. The CC documents are in line with this nature of business. The trade are consulting services, investment properties, and a farming operation. Although they all have a different nature I record them altogether in my CC. I know there is a suspect trade section to ring fence losses for natural persons. The section however is not applicable to CCs. My question is if the farming trade in my CC makes losses, can I offset them against the profit...

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How do I calculate PAYE on annual bonus

Posted 9 December 2015

How do I calculate PAYE on annual bonus


Posted 8 December 2015

I am trying to make a EFT to Inland Revenue, the error states the wrong account number 165001 is used.

VAT claimable on vehicle bought via vehicle finance?

Posted 2 December 2015

A company bought a new vehicle for business purposes via a vehicle finance with a local banking institution. The Tax invoice was made out to the Bank however the vehicle is registered in the name of the company. Can the company claim the total Input VAT, although the invoice is not in their name? The invoice only says "delivered to" the company. This seems to be normal practice in Namibia.



Posted 2 December 2015

How long does it take to process and assess a tax return form and how long does it take to refund one's money?

Recoupment calculator

Posted 24 November 2015

Please provide the formula to calculate recoupment on the motor vehicle.

Once off VAT payments

Posted 23 November 2015


If my income exceeds some times 40,000. 00 per year but not every year, could I just register VAT on 1 amount as needed?

What is cost to company tax and how does it work

Posted 18 November 2015

What is Cost to Company and how does it work?

Vat and import vat

Posted 4 November 2015

Does TaxTim also help with VAT and Import VAT return completion?

Tax percentages of 5000 to 8000

Posted 29 September 2015

Whats the tax percentages of a person who's wage is below 8000 but more than 5000?

An outstanding balance on my tax returns that I wanted to clear

Posted 24 September 2015

I wanted to know how will I be able to pay my outstanding amount for the tax because the numbers given are not working when I try to call. As I understand they are giving fines now before that I wanted to pay the outstanding amount that I owe.

Most effective way to structure my salary.

Posted 8 September 2015


Is there any Good way to structure My salary for best benefit? according to my paye document and questions answered

When completing the PAYE 5, what items would be included under different Benefits and Remuneration

Posted 20 August 2015

When completing the PAYE 5, what items would be included under different Benefits and Remuneration. I. E under Salaries, Wages; Commission; Tax Value of the Housing and so forth as the list goes.

My tax rate

Posted 13 August 2015

How much will I be taxed if on my monthly salary?
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