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I need to know the result

Why can't you sent me an sms or an email to let me know that you receive my taxtim return?

If I stay in a house,with no rental contract/payment, can I deduct municipal and maintenance costs?

I am currently staying in my parents' house, and I am paying for rates & taxes, water and electricity as well as repairs. We have no rental contract/agreement of any kind. My parents have moved to the farm and we are using their house. Can I indicate these running costs?

Pensioner but has a contract employment

If I am a pensioner but then I get a contract employment for 5 years which is renewable each year how am I classified is it provincial taxpayer?

How must maternity leave payments from Social Security be reflected in the tax return?

How must salary received from the Social Security Commission during maternity leave be reflected on my tax return?

Where do I put the costs of the car for year 2015?

Hi Tim under which question should I put , expenses of the car such as petrol, Insurance, maintenance , service costs etc. ? Thank you Anna

Housing Allowance

(Schedule 3: Employment, etc) I have added the Tax Value of housing allowance as an Income on TaxTim, but there is no where to add the expenses incurred with this housing allowance.

VAT Refunds as Income

If you are a registered for VAT and your receive VAT refunds, do you have to declare that refunds as a income on your TAX return? If so, under which section will that be?

Loans from banking institutions

If you received money from a banking institution, like a Revolving Credit loan, what is the procedure regarding that income? Do you only declare the interest on the loan as an expense or do you declare the amount received as income as well? And under which category will income like that fall?

Where does one reflect Director's fees

Where does one capture director's fees received through being a director on a company board

Amendin the tax return once done

How do I amend a return that was incorrectly completed

New tax number

I submitted a form to register for tax in Namibia on 26 June 2015. How do I follow up about my tax number?

What are personal liabilities

Can school fees and municipal monthly fees be regarded as personal liabilities?

Missed tax submission deadline

What happens if one misses the June 30 deadline?

Motor vehicle expenses not appearing on tax return

Why does my schedule 19, motor vehicle expenses not pull through to my tax return. I have the vehicle allowance on the right hand side of my tax return, but not expenses to the left side to deduct on schedule 3.

Print Return

I've done an EFT payment and sent the proof of payment. How long will it take before I can print my tax return form?

How do I treat pension pay out in my tax reurn?

Say if I have worked for 2 employers during the tax year and received a pension pay out from the previous employer. How do I treat this pension pay out in my tax return?

The last date to submit the incoming tax return

What is the due date for incoming tax return?

Completing of log sheets

How do I complete the log sheet forms for official trips made during the financial year with attached fuel receipts?

Need information.

I was born in Namibia but lived in SA all my life. Moved back to Namibia in Jan 2015. Started a new job in Feb 2015. What do I need to do to register for tax and a tax number?

Tax Tim forms: Schedule 1

After printing out my Tax Tim forms, do I need to complete the outstanding details in Schedule 1?

Employer PAYE duties

What is the standings/defences one can use in an event that he/she does not receive his or her PAYE certificate from a former employer?

Selling and buying of vehicle during the tax year

If you sell your car during the tax year and purchase a new vehicle, how is the claim for the new vehicle calculated and how is the recoupment calculated on the tax return?

How will I know whether I owe Inland revenue?

What does Cr after the amount mean?

Car payment deduction

On the brown form, where do I deduct the cost of a car over three years? I have travel allowance and purchased a car but not sure where to deduct with Tax Tim

Tax Payable

Hi Tax Tim, What if tax was deducted from my salary, but I did not need to pay tax?
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