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If I have an additional (private) pension contribution which tax form should I use?

If I have an additional (private) pension contribution to a pension provider, which tax form must I complete?

Claiming expenses against S&T allowance received

How to claim expenses incurred with the S&T allowance received as income?

How is vehicle capital payback calculated?

If a vehicle is bought when having a vehicle allowance, how much can you claim for the capital

No tax due, still need a tax return?

Do you need to submit your tax return if the tax you paid is exactly the correct amount? Meaning, no additional tax need to be paid to Inland Revenue.

Claiming costs for building my house.

Can I claim the expenses incurred for the construction of my house?

How do I make changes to my tax return form once completed on TaxTim?

How do I edit my tax return form?

Can I claimed medical expenses for tax?

Can medical expenses or contributions to a medical aid be claimed for tax purposes?

File identification number

What is the file identification number?

How will I know that my return is submited once completed

Will TaxTim review and submit my tax return to Inland Revenue once I completed it online?

Do I have to put in my last years income amount.

Do I have to put in my last years income amount, and if not can I continue with the rest of the tax return?

Tax refunds

Whe are you eligible for a tax refund if you are not employed full time? Regards

Pension deducted from my salary, but it does not show on my PAYE5. Can you pls advise.

My monthly pension contribution to my pension fund is deducted from my salary by my employer, but it does not reflect as a deduction on my PAYE 5 certificate.

Rental Income: property levies

Dear Tim, I would like to claim the property levies paid on my rental property. Because levies are not specifically asked for, please tell me where this should be entered.

Where to claim vehicle expenses

Where should the amount of my fuel, maintenance and other motor vehicle expenses be entered, which is set-off and claimed against a vehicle allowance?
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