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Should I answer yes or no when prompted on my pension contribution.

Posted 22 June 2016

I am on a cost to company package but a pension fund contribution shows on my PAYE 5 slip. How do I answer the question, because it says there shouldn't be any amount but there is?

Income increases and payslip submissions

Posted 20 June 2016

Am I required to submit a payslip to the Receiver?

Housing tax benefits.

Posted 15 June 2016

I have home loan but I am not living in the house but my children are living there, why I am not entitled to receive the 1/3 housing allowance tax benefit?

Not registered as a taxpayer, but I pay tax

Posted 15 June 2016

I am not registered as a taxpayer but tax is deducted monthly. I got the Tax certificate but I don't have a tax number to complete a tax return with

Side step payment option

Posted 14 June 2016

How do I bypass the payment option?

IRP5/ IT3(a) / PAYE 5

Posted 14 June 2016

Wat is n werknemersbelastingsertifikaat

How soon can I request a tax refund for 2016?

Posted 13 June 2016

After submiting the form how soon can I request a tax refund 2016 ?

Withholding PAYE from motor vehicle allowances

Posted 13 June 2016

What is the guidance received from Inland Revenue with regards to the taxability of motor vehicle allowances (PAYE). Per Practice Note 3 of 2001 it says that for a bona fide allowance PAYE does not need to be withheld, but is this best practice and acceptable practice to Inland revenue?

Prepaid Employee assist - pricing?

Posted 12 June 2016

When you register for the Prepaid Employee Assist option - do everyone get automatically access to all the tax return. I have a mixture of employees on the Blue and Brown forms. What will the pricing be?

Form shows completed on the computer screen but it comes out blank from the printer.

Posted 11 June 2016

Printing problems - Form shows completed on the computer screen but it comes out blank from the printer.

Password and Email

Posted 11 June 2016

Do I create new email address for myself or how do I login? What password do I us to login?

Is your tax number the same as your P.A.Y.E.5 Certificate number?

Posted 10 June 2016

Is your tax number the same as your PAYE 5 Certificate number?

Do I have any outstanding taxes?

Posted 10 June 2016

Do I owe any taxes to Inland Revenue?

Rental income from a second property.

Posted 10 June 2016

Am I a provisional taxpayer if I made a loss out of my additional property I'm renting out. And also what can I deduct as expenses from my rental income.

This is my first time doing a Tax return. I am was not employed this year.

Posted 10 June 2016

This is my first time doing a Tax tax return. I was not employed. Should I submit a tax return or pay tax?

Why is Annual Bonus and Annual leave allowance listed on PAYE 5 as other income

Posted 9 June 2016

Why is Annual Bonus and Annual leave allowance listed on PAYE 5 as other income if you are already taxed on your payslip when the annual bonus is being listed on your payslip?

What would cause me to owe the Receiver of Revenue?

Posted 9 June 2016

What would Cause me to owe the Receiver of Revenue?

Deadline for tax returns

Posted 9 June 2016

When is tax season closing?

Tax deductable from pension

Posted 6 April 2016

My pension payout is expected when I resign, how much tax will be deducted?

What is cost to company tax and how does it work

Posted 18 November 2015

What is Cost to Company and how does it work?

Tax percentages of 5000 to 8000

Posted 29 September 2015

Whats the tax percentages of a person who's wage is below 8000 but more than 5000?

Most effective way to structure my salary.

Posted 8 September 2015


Is there any Good way to structure My salary for best benefit? according to my paye document and questions answered

Pensioner but has a contract employment

Posted 16 July 2015

If I am a pensioner but then I get a contract employment for 5 years which is renewable each year how am I classified is it provincial taxpayer?

Employer PAYE duties

Posted 25 June 2015

What is the standings/defences one can use in an event that he/she does not receive his or her PAYE certificate from a former employer?

How will I know whether I owe Inland revenue?

Posted 25 June 2015

What does Cr after the amount mean?
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