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Using Employee Assist - used the link and still got a payment screen,

This could be due to 2 things:

  1. You chose a YELLOW income tax return, which is for Provisional Taxpayers, Individuals with additional business or farming income. The Employee Assist packages does not cater for YELLOW tax returns. So please ensure if you have chosen the correct return, if you chose the YELLOW return by mistake, please contact TaxTim to assist with the change.
  2. You started your first return and then found an error and decided to start a new return or start from the beginning...

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Where is the voucher my Employer is paying for, via Employee Assist?

So you are an employee and you received a Free Tax return, but when you complete your tax return you receive a payment screen, and then you try to enter a VOUCHER code to redeem the free tax return.

Please note using Employee Assist does not mean you receive a VOUCHER CODE.

It means you receive a UNIQUE LINK to the TaxTim website, which activates a free tax return for you personally.

Therefore you need use the TaxTim Employee Assist Voucher email sent, which contains your unique link....

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My return is not printing correctly!

Various taxpayers have asked TaxTim why when they finished their tax returns and print the return, it prints 'funny':
  •  smaller than usual;
  •  printing the information on a blank page instead of in the return;
  •  printing blank pages
  • not printing the personal information in the correct spaces or on a seperate page.

This could be the web browser you are using. If you are using "Internet Explorer", the print settings are smaller and sometimes preset print setting will obscure the tax return printing. Unfortunately this cannot be fixed....

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What was your income declared in the previous year?

We receive quit a few queries regarding the question in the additional information section of the return.

The questions states: "What was your total income declared for the previous year (for e.g. 2016) tax year?"

You will find this amount in your previous tax return (i.e. 2016 tax return) submitted. If you have a copy of the return, look on schedule 17 of the return to see what the total taxable earning were.

If you do not have this amount, just enter NIL and continue for the time being - however it is vital for a complete return, to enter the correct amounts....

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Annuity received during the year, is it an exempt income?

Is the annuity received as an income also part of tax deduction. E. G 1500x12=18000 annuity paid during the year. Must I also include it as a deduction or is it an exempt income?

Printing of forms

I filled in all my info from TaxTim's questions. I do not see a link to print the forms.

What is included in the erection cost of a building?

Out of a tax point of view, what is the definition / what is included in "erection cost" of a building and does the accounting standard regarding borrowing cost also apply?

Change of employment in tax year, one form to be submitted or two?

What happens if I change employment in one tax period? Do I add the totals and put those amounts in my tax return or do I submit two tax returns for the same tax year?

Interest income declarations from personal investments.

On the tax return, where would I declare any other income earned during the tax year from personal savings or investments?

No tax number

I paid tax since 2009 but never had a tax number or any returns how does it work?

Tax deductable from pension

My pension payout is expected when I resign, how much tax will be deducted?

Submit my tax return form

Why cant you submit my tax return form?

Ring fencing

Hi Tim

I have the following questions on ring fencing:

If earn less N$200 000 a year can I deduct my losses from the following trade from my employment income:

- Rental losses
- Taxi losses
- Farming losses
- Shebeen losses

If I earn more than N$200 000 can I deduct the losses from the above mentioned trades in the first two years?

I receive message through the phone that im going that im to receive my tax refund

Dear Sir/madam I received the message through phone that I'm going to receive my tax refund but till didn't receive anything for how long should I wait?

How is your respond take?

How long does it take to get my tax refunds?

2017 tax tables

Is there any tax updates for Namibia tax for 2017 tax period?

Do I pay tax if I was once employed, but no longer?

If I wasn't formally employed for a few years, am I still supposed to pay tax?

If an individual tax payer is registered for provisional tax, when is they final income tax payment

If an Namibian individual tax payer with a February year, is registered for provisional tax, when is they final income tax payment due?

Estimation of provisional return

How to estimate and complete a provisional return for a close coperation?


Good day,

How is late payments on Provisional tax and VAT calculated please?

Tax on an open ervan

Can I deduct capital allowance from an open ervan, and deduck 20% on first year and 4% for the coming years?

Offset of tax losses if CC has different trades/operation

I have CC in which three different "trades" are recorded. The CC documents are in line with this nature of business. The trade are consulting services, investment properties, and a farming operation. Although they all have a different nature I record them altogether in my CC. I know there is a suspect trade section to ring fence losses for natural persons. The section however is not applicable to CCs. My question is if the farming trade in my CC makes losses, can I offset them against the profit...

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How do I calculate PAYE on annual bonus

How do I calculate PAYE on annual bonus


I am trying to make a EFT to Inland Revenue, the error states the wrong account number 165001 is used.

VAT claimable on vehicle bought via vehicle finance?

A company bought a new vehicle for business purposes via a vehicle finance with a local banking institution. The Tax invoice was made out to the Bank however the vehicle is registered in the name of the company. Can the company claim the total Input VAT, although the invoice is not in their name? The invoice only says "delivered to" the company. This seems to be normal practice in Namibia.

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