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On line tax return does not add up correctly?

Hi, I have just completed your online tax return, but got stuck with the following problem: I have deductions for Provident Fund (N$33 906) and Retirement A/F (N$15 050) which add up to N$48 956. The online tax return add it up to N$40 000. Is there an explanation for this difference of N$8 956 when final computing of tax payable is done?

Dont know my Tax number

How do I get to know my tax number. . ?

This query relates to question 3839 "Please enter the tax number for this provisional tax return e.g. 321 5647 011." in the Provisional Tax Return section.

Tax number

Where do I find my tax number?

This query relates to question 3927 "Please enter your individual tax number" in the Personal Information section.

Tax Refund outstanding

When will I receive my tax refund?

Where do I record my Pension Pay outs?

Where do I record my Pension Pay outs? Is it on Schedule 4?. . . And is that the only place?

Do you complete and return the self assessment return of income?

If I submit all my details on the form required, What do I get back and when?

Wrong Tax year ended, needs to be changed

Hi, I have entered the wrong date for my tax year, how can I have that change my tax year assement is suppose to be 2016 but incorrectly entered 2015.

Process of getting a tax number

How long does it take to get issued with a tax number

Housing allowance

When can you give your employees housing allowance?

When will I receive my tax refund

When will I receive my tax refund?

I am self-employed. Which kind of taxpayer would I be?

I am self-employed. Which kind of taxpayer would I be?


At what tax rate will I pay when I am retrench by my company and the pension fund pays out my pension?

I have a Tax number but I don`t know it where must I get it again

I forgot my tax number

Supporting documents

When submitting my tax return, do I submit the original PAYE certificates or copies?

Can the printed taxtim be submitted as is, or must info be copied to an official form first

Can the printed taxtim form be submitted to Inland Revenue as it is? Or should the information be copied to an original form first?

Refund take how long?

How long will it take for my tax to be returned?


I paid insurance premiums for permanent incapacity benefit but taxtim did not ask for it. Can I deduct it?

Tax on Retirement withdrawal

I want to know my retirement benefit will be taxed. I withdraw two thirds and leave one third in the fund. How much tax will I pay on the withdrawal and how much will I receive?


How much tax will I pay if I resign and have my pension fund payout.

Housing tax benefits.

I have home loan but I am not living in the house but my children are living there, why I am not entitled to receive the 1/3 housing allowance tax benefit?

Not registered as a taxpayer, but I pay tax

I am not registered as a taxpayer but tax is deducted monthly. I got the Tax certificate but I don't have a tax number to complete a tax return with

How soon can I request a tax refund for 2016?

After submiting the form how soon can I request a tax refund 2016 ?

Withholding PAYE from motor vehicle allowances

What is the guidance received from Inland Revenue with regards to the taxability of motor vehicle allowances (PAYE). Per Practice Note 3 of 2001 it says that for a bona fide allowance PAYE does not need to be withheld, but is this best practice and acceptable practice to Inland revenue?

Do I have any outstanding taxes?

Do I owe any taxes to Inland Revenue?

Why should I submit a tax return every year?

What is the whole meaning of this tax forms? Why should I submit a new form every year if no information changes?
Will I get my money back that I was taxed when I was on contract?
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