My return is not printing correctly!

Posted 27 June 2017 under Tax Q&A
Various taxpayers have asked TaxTim why when they finished their tax returns and print the return, it prints 'funny':
  •  smaller than usual;
  •  printing the information on a blank page instead of in the return;
  •  printing blank pages
  • not printing the personal information in the correct spaces or on a seperate page.

This could be the web browser you are using. If you are using "Internet Explorer", the print settings are smaller and sometimes preset print setting will obscure the tax return printing. Unfortunately this cannot be fixed.

If you are using "Firefox", the print settings also cause problems.

If you use "Chrome" then the print setting will be excellent.

Completed tax return print the best when you use "Chrome" to complete the return.

So try to print your tax return through "Chrome".

Also please note the pop-up message when printing a return, which confirms the above.

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