Provident fund payments and tax paid already

Kevin says:
29 June 2016 at 9:37

Provident fund refunds: I need some clarity on this ASAP. The question Tim ask : Did you receive any pay-outs from your Pension or Provident fund (NOT a Retirement Annuity Fund) for any of the following reasons: fired; quit; retrenchment; cession of the fund; or withdrawal of the fund? This is NOT for pay-outs from retirement, death or ill-health. Do I put in the full claimed amount or only the amount that was paid to me. Here again Tim ask the question: Enter the amount received from the fund

Where do I put in these amounts if tax was paid to the Receiver.

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TaxTim TaxTim says:
29 June 2016 at 11:20

Please enter the gross amount received from the fund, i.e. excluding the tax.

With the setup of the tax return you should select the section for tax payments made. In this section you complete the tax withheld from the pay-out as per the certificate.

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