Using Employee Assist - used the link and still got a payment screen,

This could be due to 2 things:

  1. You chose a YELLOW income tax return, which is for Provisional Taxpayers, Individuals with additional business or farming income. The Employee Assist packages does not cater for YELLOW tax returns. So please ensure if you have chosen the correct return, if you chose the YELLOW return by mistake, please contact TaxTim to assist with the change.
  2. You started your first return and then found an error and decided to start a new return or start from the beginning. Please DO NOT restart a NEW tax return - the free tax return from your employer is only limited to ONE tax return. If you restart a NEW return and delete the original return, then you will receive a payment screen at the end. There is no need to restart a tax return, because you can go back to your questions/conversation with TaxTim and make changes where necessary as many times as need be, until you are satisfied with your tax return. Here is how to: If you are in the view on the webpage where you can see your completed tax return, look right above the return is a medium sized orange arrow button, pointing to the left, under the arrow it states, "change an answer". Click here, this will take you back to the questions/conversation with Tim, and you can scroll down to the answer you wish to change. As changes are made, the changes will be saved automatically.

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