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What will the tax return look like using TaxTim?

Taxpayers may be sceptical of what the tax return will look like using TaxTim.
After-all you can only see your completed tax return once payment is made.

Here is a sample view of a tax return completed by TaxTim.

Depending on the type of return you choose and the information completed, yours may look a little different. ...

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Does TaxTim cater for Provisional taxpayers and Farmers?

For the 2015 tax year, PwC's TaxTim caters for all type of individual taxpayers, as well as Trusts (Business or Family).

So all normal salaried individuals, pensioners, farmers and provisional taxpayers can use TaxTim to complete their annual tax returns.

The tax returns for salaried individuals and pensioners are due on 30 June.

Tax returns for farmers and Provisional taxpayers will only be due for submission at the end of Septemb...

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How to make changes to the Tax Return once finished?

On the page where you can see your completed tax return, look right above the return is a medium sized orange arrow button, pointing to the left, under the arrow it states, "change an answer".

Click on the arrow, this will take you back to the questions/conversation with Tim.

You can scroll down the page and make at any time. Just click a different option, or enter a new answer to any question. Your tax retur...

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What if TaxTim does not calculate taxes accurately?

Some of our users have asked what will happen if TaxTim does not calculate taxes accurately.

It is a good question, so let us explain:
  • If the use of TaxTim results in an error occurring on a tax return, the taxpayer should contact us and we will take all steps possible to rectify the error.
  • PwC did an enormous amount of testing with over 100 tax returns to ensure accuracy before launching TaxTim in Namibia.
  • However, bear in mind, that the product is still only a tax return completion tool which gives output based on what a taxpayer puts into it...

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How to complete a provisional tax return form

First off, just note that TaxTim can help to complete your provisional tax returns online. Do your provisional returns now by following this link: Do a provisional return now!

You should receive your provisional tax return by post well in advance of the required filing dates (which is in February and August each year).  In the event that you have not received a form via post, you can collect forms from the Customer Care counters at the Inland Revenue offices. Click here to view the location of the various Inland Revenue offices in Namibia....

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How to make a tax payment

In some situations you may be required to make an additional tax payment with the submission of the annual income tax return (for example where the employer has not deducted enough employee taxes for the period, or where you are conducting business in your own name)

With the various payment methods available, the payment process is fairly simple.

The payment options available are:
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Electronic fund transfer
Below we will explain how to make a tax payment using the different options....

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Namibian Inland Revenue regional offices


Inland Revenue Regional Offices

Switchboard Tel No (+264) 61 2099 111
Customer Care Tel No (+264) 61 2092641/2/3/4/5/6
Fax No (+264) 61 2092001
Private Bag 13185 Windhoek
Windhoek Inland Revenue Oudevoorpost Building Molkte Street

Customer Care Tel No (+264)65 229728/229729...

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How do I register as a provisional taxpayer?

You can either apply as a provisional taxpayer when you first register for a tax number with Inland Revenue, or make the change directly at the offices of Inland Revenue. To apply you will need to write a letter to Inland Revenue stating ”I will be earning other income during the tax year ending 28 February 20xx that is not related to my salary income.  I hereby kindly request your office to register me as a provisional taxpayer."

For a list of Inland Revenue of...

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Am I a provisional taxpayer?


  1. Do you earn more than N$5,000 extra income (i.e. income less allowable expenses) other than your normal salary/wage income in a tax year? (For e.g. Rental income, Commission from a side line job, farming etc)
  2. Are you a Director of a Namibian Private Company or a member of a Close Corporation?
  3. Are you a partner in a Partnership, from which you earn more than N$5,000 partn...

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Why employers should help their employees with tax

Individual taxpayers have traditionally been told that when it comes to tax returns, they're on their own.  They need to submit their tax returns on time and their employer does not need to get involved. Despite the employer making payment of PAYE (the majority of their tax liability) on their behalf, after handing over their PAYE5 detailing this payment they resume business as usual.  The employee is left to navigate the ever-challenging tax system on their own, without any assistance. Fortunately this attitude is changing as more companies recognise the benefits of helping staff with their tax matters. ...

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Income tax returns and tax payments due dates

Individuals (Employees) 30 June each year
1st Provisional On/before 30 August (n/a to farmers). 40% of the total actual taxable income to be declared and paid.
2nd Provisional On/before 28 February. At least 80% of the total actual taxable income should be declared and paid.<...

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