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Electronic Submission

So TaxTim can complete my tax return electronically - so why can the return not be submitted to Inland Revenue electronically?

Yes - this is a question asked all too often and this is on our wish list as well.

TaxTim is currently working on developing the Electronic submission functionality.

However, unfortunately at this time Inland Revenue does not yet ACCEPT electronic submissions, as their system and the current legislation does not cater for electronic submissions....

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TaxTim Pricing

We receive several comment on the pricing of the tax return when using TaxTim.

Currently the pricing is as follows and have remained unchanged since the inception:

  • Normal salaried individual forms (brown forms)    N$99
  • Salaried individuals with allowances (blue forms)  N$349
  • Provisional tax returns (yellow forms)  N$499

We would like to share how we came to decide on the pricing of the tax returns....

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What is Employee Assist?

have you heard of Employee Assist and do you want to know more about what it is, watch this video:

Introducting TaxTim

If you want to know more about TaxTim and how it works, here's a short video for you

Employee Assist User Guide

So you are signed up for Employee Assist - Congratulations!

If you are unsure what to do and you do not know how to get started using TaxTim, please see our user guide video:

How to use TaxTim, as an employee signed up for Employee Assist

Are you an employee of Employee Assist? 

Did your employer sign you up for TaxTim and you received a voucher to do your tax return.

Here is our Guide on How to use TaxTim also containing some frequently asked questions.

Have a look you might be suprised at how easy it is, or your problem could be addressed in the FAQ.

Frequently asked questions for Employees using Employee Assist:

  1. When I am done with the tax return, I receive a payment screen?

This means that you did not login through the voucher email. Please log out of TaxTim, go to the email and click on the “Click here to Start”. This should activate your voucher, removing the payment screen.

  1. I cannot remember my password?

No problem, you can always reset your password. On the login screen of the website, click on “Forgot your password”. You will see a screen where you should put in your email. A reset link will be emailed to you. Once you receive this link, click on it and you can reset your password. Easy!...

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What if you did not work for a full tax year, or if you were unemployed?

  1. For individuals who were not employed for a full tax year, which is referred to as a broken tax year, a letter should be issued to Inland Revenue along with a police declaration whereby you declare that you were unemployed for a specific period.

    This will notify Inland Revenue that you did not receive income for a specific period. 

    Please feel to use the below wording for your letter - which you attach to your completed tax return. 

    The Receiver of Revenue...

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Individual Income Tax Tables

All individuals are taxed according to a income sliding scale. All individuals, including trusts and estates, are taxed according to the below table, which is applicable for the tax years 28 February 2016 until further notice:

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Choosing a Tax Return - Brown, Blue or Yellow?

If you are a registered taxpayer in Namibia, you ought to receive a blank tax return in the mail at some time during the year.

Have you ever noticed that there are different types of tax returns, when looking at the colours. 

For individuals there are 3 different type of tax returns, which are Brown, Blue and Yellow.

So what exactly is the difference between the 3 types of tax returns and can you submit any coloured return.

STOP! No, you cannot just complete any colour return and submit it, as it may have consequences where your taxpayer status may change with Inland Revenue....

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Why employers should help their employees with tax

Individual taxpayers have traditionally been told that when it comes to tax returns, they're on their own.  They need to submit their tax returns on time and their employer does not need to get involved. Despite the employer making payment of PAYE (the majority of their tax liability) on their behalf, after handing over their PAYE5 detailing this payment they resume business as usual.  The employee is left to navigate the ever-challenging tax system on their own, without any assistance. Fortunately this attitude is changing as more companies recognise the benefits of helping staff with their tax matters. ...

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