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Electronic Submission

So TaxTim can complete my tax return electronically - so why can the return not be submitted to Inland Revenue electronically?

Yes - this is a question asked all too often and this is on our wish list as well.

TaxTim is currently working on developing the Electronic submission functionality.

However, unfortunately at this time Inland Revenue does not yet ACCEPT electronic submissions, as their system and the current legislation does not cater for electronic submissions....

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TaxTim Pricing

We receive several comment on the pricing of the tax return when using TaxTim.

Currently the pricing is as follows and have remained unchanged since the inception:

  • Normal salaried individual forms (brown forms)    N$99
  • Salaried individuals with allowances (blue forms)  N$349
  • Provisional tax returns (yellow forms)  N$499

We would like to share how we came to decide on the pricing of the tax returns....

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What is Employee Assist?

have you heard of Employee Assist and do you want to know more about what it is, watch this video:

Introducting TaxTim

If you want to know more about TaxTim and how it works, here's a short video for you

Employee Assist User Guide

So you are signed up for Employee Assist - Congratulations!

If you are unsure what to do and you do not know how to get started using TaxTim, please see our user guide video:

TaxTim Returns and Assessment Queries

Please note that TaxTim is an tax return completion service independent from Inland Revenue.

TaxTim has no influence on the assessments or refunds of individuals' tax returns.

You can contact Inland Revenue regarding your personal tax assessments. See Inland Revenue's website for their contact details.

When to submit which tax return

Here we have a comprehensive table of when which tax return is due:

Income tax returns and tax payments due dates


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Still need to submit NIL tax returns

So, what if youe had no taxable income in a tax period, whether it be a provisional tax period, VAT period or even an annual tax period, are you still required to submit a tax return.

The answer is YES - you NEED to submit all tax returns as they become due with every period - otherwise you won't be compliant and penalties could be levied on your account.

Inland Revenue requires all returns to be completed and submitted with every period, even if no income was made and a NIL return should be submitted.

So what if you missed a return? Below is a summary of the consequences for not submitting a return:

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Estimating taxable income

When completing and submitting provisional tax returns, you are required to estimate the taxable income for the first half of the year as well as for the full 12 month period.  As provisional tax returns are normally due before the tax year-end, it is often a difficult task to know what the total taxable income of the business/individual will be before the year closes off. Here are some tips to keep in mind when calculating your estimated taxable income.

  1. Remember the Incom...

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Individual Income Tax Tables

All individuals are taxed according to a income sliding scale. All individuals, including trusts and estates, are taxed according to the below table, which is applicable for the tax years 28 February 2016 until further notice:

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Choosing a Tax Return - Brown, Blue or Yellow?

If you are a registered taxpayer in Namibia, you ought to receive a blank tax return in the mail at some time during the year.

Have you ever noticed that there are different types of tax returns, when looking at the colours. 

For individuals there are 3 different type of tax returns, which are Brown, Blue and Yellow.

So what exactly is the difference between the 3 types of tax returns and can you submit any coloured return.

STOP! No, you cannot just complete any colour return and submit it, as it may have consequences where your taxpayer status may change with Inland Revenue....

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Does TaxTim cater for Provisional taxpayers and Farmers?

For the 2015 tax year, PwC's TaxTim caters for all type of individual taxpayers, as well as Trusts (Business or Family).

So all normal salaried individuals, pensioners, farmers and provisional taxpayers can use TaxTim to complete their annual tax returns.

The tax returns for salaried individuals and pensioners are due on 30 June.

Tax returns for farmers and Provisional taxpayers will only be due for submission at the end of Septemb...

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How to complete a provisional tax return form

First off, just note that TaxTim can help to complete your provisional tax returns online. Do your provisional returns now by following this link: Do a provisional return now!

You should receive your provisional tax return by post well in advance of the required filing dates (which is in February and August each year).  In the event that you have not received a form via post, you can collect forms from the Customer Care counters at the Inland Revenue offices. Click here to view the location of the various Inland Revenue offices in Namibia....

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How to make a tax payment

In some situations you may be required to make an additional tax payment with the submission of the annual income tax return (for example where the employer has not deducted enough employee taxes for the period, or where you are conducting business in your own name)

With the various payment methods available, the payment process is fairly simple.

The payment options available are:
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Electronic fund transfer
Below we will explain how to make a tax payment using the different options....

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How do I register as a provisional taxpayer?

You can either apply as a provisional taxpayer when you first register for a tax number with Inland Revenue, or make the change directly at the offices of Inland Revenue. To apply you will need to write a letter to Inland Revenue stating ”I will be earning other income during the tax year ending 28 February 20xx that is not related to my salary income.  I hereby kindly request your office to register me as a provisional taxpayer."

For a list of Inland Revenue of...

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Am I a provisional taxpayer?


  1. Do you earn more than N$5,000 extra income (i.e. income less allowable expenses) other than your normal salary/wage income in a tax year? (For e.g. Rental income, Commission from a side line job, farming etc)
  2. Are you a Director of a Namibian Private Company or a member of a Close Corporation?
  3. Are you a partner in a Partnership, from which you earn more than N$5,000 partn...

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