Am I a provisional taxpayer?


  1. Do you earn more than N$5,000 extra income (i.e. income less allowable expenses) other than your normal salary/wage income in a tax year? (For e.g. Rental income, Commission from a side line job, farming etc)
  2. Are you a Director of a Namibian Private Company or a member of a Close Corporation?
  3. Are you a partner in a Partnership, from which you earn more than N$5,000 partnership profits in a tax year?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you may be required to be registered as a Provisional Taxpayer, learn all about provisional tax here

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YES, I am a Provisional Taxpayer:

If you have not registered as a taxpayer then you need to do so! See our article on How to Register for Provisional Tax. If you are registered you will need to complete 2 Provisional Tax Returns and an Annual Individual Income Tax Return (Yellow Form) every tax year.

Don't worry, TaxTim will ask you all the right questions so that you complete your tax return correctly.

No, I am a regular taxpayer

This means that you do not need to register for provisional tax. You will submit only an Annual Individual Income Tax Return (Brown or Blue form) each year.

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