Electronic Submission

So TaxTim can complete my tax return electronically - so why can the return not be submitted to Inland Revenue electronically?

Yes - this is a question asked all too often and this is on our wish list as well.

TaxTim is currently working on developing the Electronic submission functionality.

However, unfortunately at this time Inland Revenue does not yet ACCEPT electronic submissions, as their system and the current legislation does not cater for electronic submissions.

Inland Revenue is working on their new filing system ITAS, which may cater for electronic submissions in future. However this is still in development phase, and we will be working with them on the new e-filling system to incorporate the electronic submission of TaxTim returns in the foreseeable future.

Until such time, you are still required to print and submit a hardcopy tax return, along with your original documentation like the PAYE 5 certificate, etc.

We will keep you posted as soon as Namibia is ready for electronic tax return submission.

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