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We receive several comment on the pricing of the tax return when using TaxTim.

Currently the pricing is as follows and have remained unchanged since the inception:

  • Normal salaried individual forms (brown forms)    N$99
  • Salaried individuals with allowances (blue forms)  N$349
  • Provisional tax returns (yellow forms)  N$499

We would like to share how we came to decide on the pricing of the tax returns.

Initially we asked the question; What would normally pay an expert tax consultant to complete your return?

From our market research we received various answers:

  • N$ 250 for a blue return
  • N$500 irrespective of which return
  • N$1500 - N$2000 for provisional tax returns.

We believe that our pricing competes well in the Namibian market if compared to what a consulting firm or a tax consultant would charge to complete a tax return for you.

The question you should be asking is if the return will be completed correctly.

The TaxTim returns were developed to address all areas of income and expenses in the tax return, as required by Inland Revenue.

You may believe that the pricing is high, but remember the benefits of using TaxTim:

  • Complete your tax return in 30 min or less
  • Step-by-Step process helps you all the way
  • Simple & easy questions
  • No guessing what goes where, Taxtim completes the return automatically, everything in its right place
  • No more stress & complications – TaxTim calculates the taxes, and totals automatically, and also applies the claim limitations correctly
  • Neat & Easy tax return, which is ready to print, ready for submission
  • Stores data for future & electronic submission to come.

So don't hesitate - it's a small fee to pay to know your taxes will be done correctly which will prevent any delays when Inland Revenue assessed the return.

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