What if TaxTim does not calculate taxes accurately?

Some of our users have asked what will happen if TaxTim does not calculate taxes accurately.

It is a good question, so let us explain:
  • If the use of TaxTim results in an error occurring on a tax return, the taxpayer should contact us and we will take all steps possible to rectify the error.
  • PwC did an enormous amount of testing with over 100 tax returns to ensure accuracy before launching TaxTim in Namibia.
  • However, bear in mind, that the product is still only a tax return completion tool which gives output based on what a taxpayer puts into it. So if what you put in is wrong, the output will be wrong.
So, it is important to make use of the help function and blog in TaxTim. The TaxTim support team is there to help you get your return 100% correct , so please ask us if you feel unsure.

For our full terms and conditions please see here: TaxTim Terms

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