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Help with Namibian Tax

Browse our step-by-step guides, tutorials and tax definitions

Step-by-step guides
Step-by-step guides

Helpful step-by-step guides and tutorials

Provisional tax explained
How to get a tax number in Namibia
How to submit your tax return to Inland Revenue

Tax definitions

The tax definitions section explains the most common tax terms and phrases that you will encounter on your tax journey.
We've taken care to explain them in simple language for anyone to understand!

Provisional tax
Tax Season
Entertainment Allowance
Retirement Annuity
Building Allowance
Preservation fund
Inland Revenue
Tax Value of the Company Car
Other allowances
Gross Amount
Wear and Tear
Revenue Codes
Vehicle Subsidy
Leasehold Improvement
Endowment Policy
Repairs and Maintenance
Subsistence and Travel allowance
Subsidised loan
Other income
individual tax number
Tax Year
Mortgage Bond Subsidy
Study or Education Policy
Purchased Annuity
Royalty and Knowhow
PAYE 5 Certificate
Provident Fund
Fringe benefit
Salaries & Wages
Travelling allowance
pension fund contribution
PAYE deducted