Introducing PwC's TaxTim

Is the completion of your personal tax return an administrative nightmare?

PwC's TaxTim, a new electronic tax return tool, puts an end to your misery.
TaxTim is a friendly online tax assistant who asks you simple questions one by one.
In the end he provides you with a fully completed tax return ready for easy submission to Inland Revenue.

Now imagine being able to offer all this to all your employees...

We are offering TaxTim employer packages:

  1. Vouchers for every employee to gain online access to PwC's TaxTim tool.
  2. Once completed employees print two copies of their tax return and drop it in a box at your office.
  3. We collect the completed tax returns from your office and hand in at Inland Revenue.
  4. We return copies of submitted tax returns in closed envelopes to your HR team to distribute to employees.

Benefits for employers:
  • Increased productive time - employees don't need time off to submit tax returns
  • Increased attention while at work if an employee's taxes are under control
  • Could be offered as a benefit to staff, increasing staff morale
  • Reduces reputational risk for your organisation if your employees do not submit tax returns
Benefits for employees:
  • No more tax return stress and complications, all the maths is done automatically
  • Step-by-step process helps you all the way through
  • No more visits to Inland Revenue
  • Free vehicle logbook app for mobile phones keeps track of work trips
Pricing discount:
  • Standard pricing is N$99 per person, but employees enjoy up to 30% off!
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