How to get a tax number in Namibia

Are you registered as a taxpayer? You need to be in order to use TaxTim.

  • Are you employed and do you earn a wage or a salary?
  • Is your salary or wage income more than N$50,000 in a year (i.e. N$4,167 per month)
If your answers to the above questions are YES, then you should be registered as an individual taxpayer with Inland Revenue.

So how will you register?

Step 1:

It is common practice for your employer to assist in registering you as a taxpayer, but it is ultimately your responsibility. To register, you need to complete a registration form, and have a copy of your identification document (ID, passport or birth certificate) to submit with the form.

Step 2:

Click here to download the taxpayer registration form.
Now continue to complete the form.

Step 3:

Once completed, make a copy of the registration form and your ID document.

Step 4:

Visit your nearest regional Inland Revenue office and submit the original form and the copy of your ID document at the registration desk/office. Be sure to take your original ID document along too to show the revenue officer. Make sure the revenue officer receiving your application stamps your copy of the application with the official Inland Revenue stamp.

Click here for directions to the Regional Offices in Namibia where you can submit your application.

Remember if you register at a specific regional office that will be the office where you will submit your annual income tax return. So make sure you register to the closest office to where you live.

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