How to submit your tax return to Inland Revenue

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Now that you have your completed tax return, here's how to submit it to Inland Revenue:

Individuals are required to submit their tax returns to Inland Revenue by 30 June each year (unless you are registered as a provisional taxpayer in which case it will be 30 September each year).

Once you have completed your tax return, print the return and ensure the SCHEDULES follow in numeric sequence.

Complete the front page of your return (see example from a Blue form below) with your personal details. Ensure all the information the return asks for, is completed.

Front page of Blue form

The order of your tax return should be as follows:
  1. The personal information page should be the front page of your return.
  2. After the front page attach the following essential additional documents:
    • PAYE 5 certificate
    • Additional pension fund, study policy etc contribution certificates. Don't know where to start? Try TaxTim to ensure all the information you need to attach you have at hand.
  3. After the additional documents, attach the schedules of your tax return.
  4. The last page of your return should be the final tax payment return, which looks like this:

    Back page of Blue form

Before binding the return, make copies of all the schedules and supporting documents.

Bind both the original and copy version properly, by stapling the return more than once. This will ensure that all the schedules and supporting documents are bound. Do not use paperclips, as the papers may fall out and get lost.

The next step is to visit your regional tax office (preferably the office you are registered with). Visit the customer care centre where returns are received for submission.

It is sensible to rather submit your tax return in person and refrain from using the postal service. This will ensure that you proof that the return was submitted.

When submitting the return ensure that the original return as well as the copy is stamped on the following pages:
  • The front page
  • The PAYE 5 certificates
  • The back page, i.e. Final tax payment return.

Click here for a list of the regional offices where your tax return can be submitted.

Keep your stamped copy of the tax return in a safe place. The copy is your proof that your return was submitted on a specific date. Should the submitted copy be lost for any reason, your stamped copy can save you from potential penalties and interest.

Congratulations, you have submitted your tax return.

If you have to make an additional tax payment, follow this link to How to make a tax payment.

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